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Avoiding fines and lost licenses in the iGaming industry: why identity proofing is key

Harm minimisation might be the biggest challenge facing the gambling sector, especially as iGaming reaches an ever-increasing volume of players.

With increasing scrutiny coming from politicians and the media, there is an urgent need for a wide-reaching industry response.

But how does the industry tackle such a complex issue quickly enough to avoid fines or lost licenses?

This panel, moderated by Peter Murray (Director, Alexem Services) and comprised of Peter-Paul de Goeij (Managing Director, Dutch online trade association), James Baston-Pitt (UK accounts lead, Onfido) and Trent Wyatt (Consultant, GeoComply) will be discussing how operators can effectively understand the behaviours of their customers, what an at risk player looks like, and how identity verification can help them better know their customers and introduce effective harm minimisation initiatives.

Key Learnings:

  • How to better identify at risk players and their behaviour
  • The importance of data integrity in assessing your player base
  • How identity proofing at onboarding can help
  • How to implement reliable identity KYC practices without increasing friction
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