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Selfie ID: Consumers and the use of facial biometrics to secure digital commerce

Biometric authentication technologies are becoming increasingly popular. Once confined to the realms of science fiction, they are now used by millions of people daily to access their smart devices, and authenticate access to crucial goods and services.

But, how comfortable are we really with using biometrics? We partnered with PYMNTS to find out.

PYMNTS surveyed 2,580 respondents across the US to examine how our relationship with biometrics is changing, and how willing users are to use document and biometric based identity solutions.  

Read this report for insights into how your customers feel about security, and how different demographics feel about using document and biometric based identity verification.

Report highlights:

  • 55 percent of consumers are “very” or “extremely” willing to spend more time verifying their nonbank accounts to ensure security
  • 37 percent would be “very” or “extremely” willing to verify their identities with selfies if doing so enhanced their data security
  • 59 percent of satisfied document and biometric users cite ease of use as the top satisfaction driver
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