Creating trust from a distance: satisfying experience, risk and compliance


Expectations of financial services have never been higher. Customers expect frictionless and secure access, while demanding evermore streamlined registration processes. And if their expectations aren’t met, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

The result: a profound tension. How do you balance frictionless registration, secure identity management, and regulatory compliance?

In this panel, Alfy Louis (Onfido), Jeremy Balkin (HSBC), Lindsey Grossman (formerly N26), Marcel Höschler (Raisin) and Rukesh Reddy (Citi) discuss how they’re meeting these sometimes competing requirements. Watch now to hear them discuss:

  • How customer expectations of onboarding are being shaped, and where the bar is moving to
  • How these expectations extend into their ongoing engagement with a financial service
  • How to stay ahead in the fraud arms race, and catch fraudulent applicants without inconveniencing good customers
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