American Banker & Onfido: How can real identity transform trust?

October 1, 2020


Trust is the foundation of every customer relationship. It’s how you protect yourself and your customers from fraud. It’s how you acquire new customers in line with evolving regulation. And it’s how you deliver great user experience at onboarding and beyond.

The way we generate trust has changed. The branch no longer meets customer expectations. Credit databases no longer sufficiently protect against fraud. And regulation is shifting to allow technology to digitize the process.

This webinar, hosted by Alfy Louis (Financial Services Advisor to Onfido) and Ed Ackerman (Director Alliances and Partnerships) will discuss changes in customer expectations, the regulatory environment and fraud - and examine how digitalisation of identity can power experience, acquisition and automation.

Watch now to learn:

  • How identity can drive efficient automation
  • How to anchor users to a real identity whilst meeting their rising expectations
  • How to safely reverify an identity at key moments, delivering a good UX and meeting regulation
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