Biometric verification

Protect your business from stolen IDs and impersonation fraud with Onfido’s biometric verification.

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The challenge

Identity document checks are an effective way of linking an applicant to a legal identity. But it doesn’t guarantee that the person presenting the document is its genuine owner. Biometric verification matches an applicant's facial biometrics to those on the identity document to enhance security, meet compliance requirements and unlock the possibility of biometric authentication in the future.

How can biometric verification help?

Enhanced fraud protection

Biometric verification adds a layer of protection against stolen IDs and impersonation attacks. Our AI-powered biometric recognition gives you the power to automate biometric verification to stop financial and reputational damage. Our AI is trained to detect attack vectors such as edits to the document photo, submissions of screens, printed images and masks.

Navigate global compliance needs

Our configurable global platform lets you decide on a per user basis which verification type to use. So you can choose whether to trigger a selfie or video check depending on risk and local regulation. Navigate regulation while minimizing friction or maximizing security—it’s all about your needs.

Offer users a smoother, trusted experience

Whether users are coming via web or mobile, we’ve got an experience to match. We guide users through the capture process with real-time feedback to maximize conversion. Our cross-device workflows let users complete checks on their mobile device, before guiding them back to their computer to complete sign-up.

Our web, Android and iOS Smart Capture SDKs are a breeze to integrate thanks to our clear developer documentation, if you already use another of our products, it’s even simpler thanks to our single API.

35% reduction in fraud rate after switching thanks to Onfido's doc and selfie checks  (2nd Address)

15% increase in customer conversion with more customers activating their KOHO card (KOHO)

How it works

1) Selfie

Users take a selfie. We guide them through the process with real- time feedback. Then we analyze if the selfie matches their photo ID and run passive liveness checks to protect against digital spoofs.

2) Motion

Users take a selfie and turn their head. We guide them through the capture process in seconds. Analysis is 100% automated with 95% checks returned in seconds and iBeta PAD Level 2 compliant. It offers greater protection from sophisticated attack methods like display attacks and 2D/3D masks.

The results are returned via the Onfido dashboard or API. We deliver both a topline result of clear or consider, and detailed breakdowns so you can see why a decision has been made.

Learn more about how we drive value in our customer case studies.

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