Accelerate onboarding with fully-automated data extraction.

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The challenge

Today’s customers demand secure and near-frictionless onboarding. Up to 43% of customers will abandon a sign-up process if it doesn’t meet their expectations. 

Onfido’s autofill solution makes life easier for your customers and ensures greater data integrity for you. Customers simply take a photo of their ID, and our technology extracts the data, seamlessly populating sign-up forms — removing user friction and boosting conversion.

How can Autofill help?

Onboard more genuine users, in less time

Improve confidence that new users are genuine and stop bots, bad actors and underage users from accessing your accounts. All within seconds.

Remove friction and improve your users’ experience

Take the hassle out of onboarding for your users. Seamlessly populate sign-up forms with data extracted from the supplied identity document.

Extract data from a trusted source

Prevent inaccurate or incomplete data from entering your systems. Plus, select which identity documents you’ll accept from users to successfully create a new account.

5 seconds on average to pre-fill forms with autofill.

How it works

  1. The user takes a photo of their identity document and submits it via Onfido’s Smart Capture SDK or API.
  2. Onfido autofill returns the document classification and extracted document data which can be used to: 
  • Automatically populate sign-up forms.
  • Provide instant user feedback on whether the presented document is supported or expired, to maximize the chances of a successful onboarding.


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