Case Studies

Find out how we help our customers achieve their business goals.

  • Case Study: LeasePlan Bank

    Case Study: LeasePlan Bank

    Learn how, with Onfido and Iquality, LeasePlan Bank have automated 50% of their internal identity verification processes.

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  • Case Study: KOHO

    Case Study: KOHO

    Learn how KOHO reduced their time to verify a new customer by 98%.

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  • Case Study: Orange Flex

    Case Study: Orange Flex

    Learn how, with Onfido, Orange Flex are disrupting the telco industry with an AI-driven identity verification, reducing the time it takes to activate a number on eSIM-enabled device.

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  • Case Study: hoolah

    Case Study: hoolah

    Find out how hoolah, with Onfido, are verifying customers in just 3 minutes.

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  • Case Study: Neeyamo

    Case Study: Neeyamo

    Learn how, with Onfido, Neeyamo boosted automation - 80% of their global identity checks are now verified within one day.

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  • Case Study: Vodeno x Aion Bank

    Case Study: Vodeno x Aion Bank

    Learn how, with Onfido, Vodeno x Aion Bank reduced the time to verify new customers to 2 minutes.

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  • Case Study: First Bank

    Case Study: First Bank

    Learn how, with Onfido, First Bank could onboard customers 80% faster with an AI-driven approach to identity verification.

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  • Case Study: MACH

    Case Study: MACH

    Learn how, with Onfido, MACH increased customer conversion by 48% and reduced fraudulent accounts by 93%.

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  • Case Study: TBI Bank

    Case Study: TBI Bank

    Learn how, with Onfido, TBI Bank saw an 80% faster time to onboard and verify new customers, and a 66% reduction in cost to acquire new customers.

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  • Case Study: LocalBitcoins

    Case Study: LocalBitcoins

    Learn how, with Onfido, LocalBitcoins - a leading peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace - have been able to position themselves as the most secure and user-centric cryptocurrency platform on the market.

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  • Case Study: BigPay

    Case Study: BigPay

    Learn how, with Onfido, BigPay automated up to 80% of their internal verification processes, equipping the teams with the tools to serve customers at scale.

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  • Case Study: Zipmex

    Case Study: Zipmex

    Learn how, with Onfido, Zipmex saved $10,000 in fraud from duplicate users.

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  • Case Study: Oval

    Case Study: Oval

    Learn how, with Onfido, Oval has made their registration process both faster and more secure for their customers.

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  • Case Study: Mettle

    Case Study: Mettle

    Learn how, with Onfido, Mettle are performing an entirely automated ID & Verification process which can typically be completed in just 11 clicks.

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  • Case Study: Genome

    Case Study: Genome

    Learn how, with Onfido, Genome is increasing their sign up conversions while remaining compliant with KYC and AML regulations.

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  • Case Study: SwissBorg

    Case Study: SwissBorg

    Learn how, with Onfido, SwissBorg are confidently balancing their compliance requirements with customer experience.

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  • Case Study: Sidehide

    Case Study: Sidehide

    Learn how, with Onfido, Sidehide are confidently navigating their three core challenges of regulation, fraud, and UX.

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  • Case study: Finiata

    Case study: Finiata

    Discover how Finiata automated 50% of their case approvals end-to-end.

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  • Case study: Grover

    Case study: Grover

    Discover how Grover reduced the time it took to onboard customers by 60%.

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  • Case study: yallo

    Case study: yallo

    Discover how yallo saw a 90% reduction in time to verify a customer with Onfido.

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