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December 18, 2018 Zeshaan Shamsi


As Onfido's Director of Talent, I have the chance to speak with candidates and explore the opportunity for them to join us at Onfido. From the tech to the team, the vision for the future to the reward and recognition, there are numerous great reasons to join the team. I asked some other Onfidos for their thoughts too. Want to join us? We're always looking for talented people. "The overwhelming people-centricity of the organisation. The whole business truly understands that people are its biggest asset. The founders not only have the ambition and drive it takes to scale a business, but the kindness and care to build the community of humans needed to get there.""I wanted to work on the unique and complex issues that developing an identity verification AI, built upon personal information, presents. It not only raises novel privacy concerns, but also significant ethical questions as to data use and the future of our global society."

"From day one of interviews, Onfido was warm and welcoming. Now that I'm here, the down-to-earth culture remains. It means I can be autonomous in how and where I work, while staying connected to my team. It's refreshing to be a part of a startup that's driven by a greater mission than unicorn status, and that's reflected in the high calibre of the technology and leadership.""I joined Onfido for the culture, community, and ability to make an impact. One of the things I am most passionate about is creating a positive employee experience. At Onfido, I found a company that  supports and values that.""The attitude of our people is "don't just do your job, help change an industry". It's an inclusive, encouraging and collaborative team that genuinely wants to incite change for the better. We don't just tread the well trodden path, but are passionate about designing something new."

"Onfido works with an amazing roster of clients, and I love helping them build a competitive advantage by making use of our services. There's also a degree of autonomy that I really enjoy. As a new father, I was able to take advantage of a fantastic and flexible paternity leave policy to spend those early weeks together with my daughter."

"I love working for a company that cares as much about career progression and development as it does about revenue generation. The culture of openness from the founders, means everyone learns from Onfido's growth – it really does feel like "our" company'."I'm here for the tech: we have some cutting edge stuff that is being used to solve a hard problem in a market that needs it. But as a global company of truly diverse folks, I'm confident we have the talent and culture to solve it."

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Zeshaan Shamsi

ZeShaan is Onfido's Director of Talent

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