Our first virtual CAB was a hit!

November 13, 2020 Robert Humphrey

We went virtual! Roundup of our CAB

To our valued customers who participated in Onfido’s fourth annual Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting, it was an absolute pleasure to host CAB and virtually meet you all. Whilst it wasn’t quite the same as meeting face-to-face I was delighted to see such passion and engagement from the industry.

To those of you who weren't able to participate, rest assured your voices were represented by over 30 of our customers from different industries across the globe.

Husayn, our Co-founder, opened CAB by welcoming Onfido’s new CEO, Mike Tuchen who gave a tour of 2020, and how events this year are impacting all of us both personally and professionally. Mike concluded that digital identity is more critical now than ever, as companies accelerate their digital transformation plans.

Analyst, Merritt Maxim, a VP at Forrester, gave an overview of industry trends and highlighted the importance of identity verification in the entire identity flow. We had an interesting exchange on the role of identity verification from a user experience perspective and the value a small amount of friction has in building customer trust. 

In our breakout sessions, smaller groups of customers were led in detailed discussions by our Product Managers, providing a valuable opportunity to get more engaged with our products, challenge our priorities and get a deeper dive into our plans.  The breakouts are by far the most valuable part of any CAB and this time was no exception. We gained valuable feedback from our customers and had a unique opportunity to get to know our CAB members’ pain points first hand to discuss how Onfido might help.

Kevin Trilli, our CPO and Dan Teodosiu, our CTO showcased our roadmap and took the audience through our latest research and innovation. CAB members reinforced their alignment with our priorities around performance and further automation as well as our market leading research and development on AI bias and privacy. 

To our CAB attendees, thank you so much for attending and we look forward to the continued dialog. To our customers who were not able to participate, we welcome your additional feedback and engagement. 

We are listening and look forward to actioning what we’ve learned and continuing our ongoing discussions throughout the year.

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Robert Humphrey

Robert Humphrey has more than 35 years of experience in sales and marketing. He leads the marketing team at Onfido, developing compelling go–to-market strategies and driving awareness and demand.

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