Onfido’s Response to the Situation in Ukraine

March 25, 2022 Paul Jarratt

We stand with Ukraine during this troubling time and strongly condemn the war Russia is inflicting on the country and its people. 

As a company, Onfido is supporting the Ukrainian people by donating free identity and ID verification checks to Global Giving's Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. If you or your organization are still trying to decide how to support Ukraine, the US Chamber of Commerce is a valuable resource.

Recently, the United States, the UK and most European countries have applied economic sanctions as part of a coordinated attempt to dissuade Russia from continuing this war. These sanctions affect the following: Russia; the Donetsk People’s Republic (“DNR”) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (“LNR”) regions of Ukraine; and Belarus (collectively the “Russia sanctioned regions”).

Onfido plays a critical role in global digital infrastructure through identity verification that powers many things including remittance and banking services. Therefore, it is important that we outline our strategy for complying with and supporting these sanctions and our customers:

1) We will suspend all new sales of any Onfido product in the Russia sanctioned regions.

2) For all new customers, we will automatically geo-block any identity checks which we identify as coming from the Russia sanctioned regions (in addition to our regular geo-blocking for other globally sanctioned regions), in an effort to assist new customers in meeting sanctions requirements out of the gate.

3) We will notify all our existing customers of our process for switching geo-blocking on, to help them comply with these international sanctions, and will assist them through the process, to ensure minimal disruption to their services. 

4) We will waive our fees for any Ukrainian company we are currently working with for the duration of this conflict.

5) We will continue to support businesses to comply with sanctions laws, checking users against Government and International Organizations Sanctions Lists through the supply of our Watchlist Services.

We stand with the Ukrainian people and hope for a swift end to this conflict.



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