Onfido recognised as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

July 19, 2018 Niamh Cassidy

The World Economic Forum on Wednesday announced its selection of the
world’s 30 most promising Technology Pioneers 2017

- Companies were selected for their potential to significantly impact business and society through new technologies, and advance the Fourth Industrial Revolution

 Onfido, which provides global Identity Verification using machine learning, was selected for its contribution to the field of RegTech

The full list of recognized Technology Pioneers can be viewed here


Onfido has been selected among hundreds of companies as one of the World Economic Forum’s “technology pioneers”, a prestigious group of the world’s most innovative companies.

Onfido uses machine learning to verify a person’s identity, helping over 1,500 clients globally work out who they can trust in a digital world.

The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers community are early-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations, and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society. The 30 technology pioneers that made it to the final selection are active in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, biotechnology, blockchain, cybersecurity, the (industrial) internet of things, and other pioneering technologies.

The Technology Pioneers were chosen by a selection committee of more than 60 academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate executives. Notable members of the committee include Geoffrey Moore (Adviser, Geoffrey Moore Consulting, USA), Yossi Vardi (Chairman, International Technologies, Israel) and Lee Sang-Yup (Distinguished Professor and Dean, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea). The committee based its decisions on criteria including innovation, potential impact and leadership. Past recipients have included Airbnb, Google, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Palantir Technologies, Scribd, Spotify, Twitter and Wikimedia.

Onfido CEO, Husayn Kassai, said: “Being acknowledged as a pioneer by the World Economic Forum is both an honour and a privilege. We’re ambitious in our vision to change the way identity is used around the world – from granting access to financial services, to voting, to healthcare, its applications are many and impact potentially life- changing, especially for the unbanked.. This award comes at the ideal time, as we are taking the next step as company to engage with stakeholders in government, society and global organisations to join us on our mission.”

“We welcome Onfido in this group of extraordinary pioneers,” said Fulvia Montresor, Head of Technology Pioneers at the World Economic Forum. “We hope that thanks to this selection, the World Economic Forum can facilitate greater collaboration with business leaders,  governments, civil society and other relevant individuals to accelerate the development of technological solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.”

Following Onfido’s selection as Technology Pioneer, CEO Husayn Kassai will be participating in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions. This meeting, also dubbed “Summer Davos” will be held in Dalian, China, June 27-29. Many Pioneers will also attend the Annual Meeting in Davos, in January 2018, and continue to participate in dedicated Technology Pioneer community events in the course of the next two years.

Information on this year’s Technology Pioneers can be found here. More information on past winners can be found here.

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