Making KYC and AML compliance in Salesforce simple

September 15, 2022 Brett Maney

We exist to make customer onboarding simple. And that means being where our customers are – which is increasingly, Salesforce

Enterprise companies — especially those that operate with their customers primarily online — need identity verification solutions that can scale with them, and that offer their customers an easy way to prove their identity in the sign-up process.

We at Onfido are proud to announce the release of v2.0 of our app in the Salesforce AppExchange which will enable Salesforce customers to more seamlessly integrate Onfido’s award-winning security features into their onboarding and business workflows.

Check out our updated app here.

How to conduct KYC and AML checks in Salesforce?

Our updated app will give Salesforce users greater access to more of Onfido’s identity verification tools, including a customizable orchestration tool that allows companies to create a user journey that ties in Onfido’s document and biometric checks, trusted data sources, and fraud detection signals. It will also give Salesforce customers access to Onfido’s library of global identity verification tools, including Onfido’s industry-leading anti-bias artificial intelligence software. 

Customer onboarding in Salesforce

In uncertain economic times, companies need a way to reduce their onboarding costs with tools at their disposal. Our improved integration with the AppExchange makes that easier than ever. By adding the Onfido App to their Salesforce environments, companies can get started verifying their customers’ digital identities with an enterprise-ready solution. 

Identity fraud detection in Salesforce

Through our Salesforce app, customers like Cala Homes and The Nottingham are able to push users through Onfido’s identity verification workflow. Our award-winning AI then ensures that the user’s face matches their identity, and prevents fraudulent individuals from accessing their tools, allowing customers to onboard faster and easier.

"We’re 164 years old and still very paper-based," said Scott Devereaux, Head of Innovation, The Nottingham. "Onfido lets us take away paper and form filling by bringing in facial recognition and doc verification which really speeds up the onboarding process and helps build trust with our customers."

“We’re thrilled that Salesforce customers will have even greater access to Onfido’s best-in-class identity verification services,” said Onfido’s Chief Product Officer, Alex Valle. “This partnership further pushes Onfido’s ability to lower customer acquisition costs with a seamless integration that continues to put security and protection first.”

As Onfido looks ahead toward the future, our partnership with Salesforce remains a key part of our mission to simplify identity for everyone. As Salesforce comes together at Dreamforce this week, we look forward to building a future together.

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to see our integration and get in touch to learn more.

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