Living the Dream(force)

November 8, 2017 Parker Crockford

Did you catch the Financial Services Keynote at Dreamforce? If not, you missed out – and you missed us!

During the talk, John Almeida, Director of Financial Services Industry Solutions at Salesforce, showcased Onfido as one of the most exciting new additions to the Salesforce AppExchange. Since Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management platform (over 150,000 customers and counting), that’s something we’re pretty proud of.

As the first identity verification tool to be offered within the platform, we’re excited to help Salesforce’s customers power a frictionless onboarding experience for their users. Thanks to the new partnership, users of the Financial Services Cloud will be able to digitally verify the identity of their customers and seamlessly attach the results to the customer record in Salesforce. It’ll help financial institutions onboard more customers, and meet easily with regulatory requirements – all while maintaining a clear audit trail directly in Salesforce.

Fundamentally, the integration enables financial services to interact more intelligently with their customers – something the Keynote stressed will be the defining factor as they seek to gain a competitive advantage. In a world where customer expectations are higher than ever before, but loyalty to financial services is low, tools that help banks get better connected to their customers are crucial.

The keynote was also the first outing for our new facial liveness feature. The new feature asks users to perform a randomized sequence of actions during the verification process (like looking over their shoulder, or repeating a series of numbers). It’s by far the most robust anti-impersonation tool currently available on the market, and protects both businesses and users from even the most sophisticated spoofing attempts.

In a post-Equifax world, old identifiers like SSNs are virtually useless. In their stead, biometrics-based identity verification is our best bet. Your face, after all, is a lot harder to fake. Salesforce is known for breaking new ground and new tech, so facial liveness was a natural fit for the 3,000 delegates in the room (and the other 50k streaming it live). At Onfido, we know how crucial solving digital identity is – so it’s encouraging when tech titans like Salesforce engage with the issue, too.



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