Insights from our Customer Advisory Board

Every year we host our customer advisory board to have direct discussion with our clients. 

It’s an environment where we take honest feedback from our partners on where we’re succeeding and where we’re falling short. This means we can adjust our roadmap to make sure we’re meeting their expectations. We also share knowledge as a group around identity insights, and the challenges we expect to meet in the future.  

We interviewed some of the attendees to discuss why identity is crucial to their business, what challenges they’re facing now and expect to face in the future, and how Onfido is helping them to succeed.


If you’d like to hear more insights on specific subjects, you can watch the full interviews here.


1. Why is identity important to our customers?


2. What identity challenges are our customers facing?


3. How are we helping our customers?


4. What do our customers think the future of identity looks like?


If you'd like to hear more about how we're helping our customers to meet their business objectives, you can find our case studies here.