The modern solution for pre-employment screening

Background checking has, until now, been slow, manual and error-prone. At Onfido, we use intelligent technology to automate the process, returning fast results you can count on so that you can build great teams, fast.

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Obsessed with turnaround times

We accelerate the process at every stage

Easy application process

Our user-friendly online form ensures a quick and easy application process.

4 mins 52 seconds

average time taken to fill out applicant form

Automated searches

We are integrated with credit reference agencies, criminal record bureaus and CIFAS amongst other global databases.


major databases are used to perform checks

Instant results

Receive results within seconds for Identity and Document Checks.

<5 seconds

average API response time

Committed to applicant experience

We make it easier at every stage


Mobile friendly

Our applicant form is mobile-friendly and supports online signatures.


Responsive support

Our average applicant response time is 38 minutes.


Rapid screening process

96% of checks are completed the same day.

Focused on transparency

We put you in control at every stage

Online tracking

Our dashboard has an automated audit log and tracking system.

Status updates

You receive visible status updates at every stage.

Accessible reports

Reports available online as soon as the checks have been completed.

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Client reviews

Hear what our clients have to say

Natalie McCullough

Head of Internal Governance, Morgan McKinley

As recruiters we are, by our nature, risk averse. Onfido helps us make the right decisions. Onfido’s accuracy and extensive audit trail available instantly through a few clicks is something our clients have not experienced before.

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Adrian Basu

Compliance Director, Hays

Background checking can be complex and time-consuming. Through intelligent technology, Onfido has flipped the old model on its head, making it faster, simpler and more accurate.

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Compliant in every way

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All candidate data stored using strong AES encryption.

Compliance regulations 7c494a693ba93a735593a870340ec8f5607eaa724b023c5a95d8152c97b854bf


Tailored to the requirements of the regulatory bodies.

Compliance international ebd59c48064f6e812daf1207b5638d2da1b1f3b442cc502d9947b3929fd72168


Compliant checks available in 132 countries.

Compliance approved e42621bf2c25fd80aa4e3d94a2c2cc47c221d39f85df1d5f757db31f3d8a1584


Registered with Information Commissioner's Office.

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