Unashamedly passionate about what we do, Onfido is a team of bold and creative start-up professionals drawn from all walks of life.

Our perks and benefits have been carefully designed with our team’s priorities in mind. With our initiatives falling into three broad buckets (Wellness, Learning & Development and Employee Experience) our aim is to create a work environment that delights, excites and offers plenty of productive challenge.

Onfido perks
Onfido perks
Onfido perks



We value your wellness and actively promote healthy activities. All our offices offer gym and exercise subsidies, and our London office organises regular yoga sessions, football matches and a running club!

We also encourage regular short breaks during the working day to recharge. This could be playing a game of pool, or reading a book in our library.

Employee Experience

We prioritise spending time together and hold regular team get-togethers and social events. Every month, we have a takeaway night and, every quarter, we have a sit down meal in hired space in London. On top of this, we have games nights, team exercise/sports activities & outings which have encompassed everything from ice skating to sushi making!


Distinctively for a post-Series B company, we offer equity to all our employees. In addition to the monetary value it adds to our packages, we particularly value the stake it gives everybody in our continued success.

Learning & Development

At Onfido, we want you to grow and develop as the company grows and develops. We go out of our way to provide any software or books our team need to support their learning. In addition, all our employees have the chance to develop new skills by applying to work on a cross-functional project via our ‘Small Projects Board’.

We also offer several training programmes and company-funded learning activities, some of which are designed to support career development (for example our in-house new manager training programme), and some of which drive broader personal growth (weekly Spanish lessons, for example!).

Finally, there are also several learning initiatives driven by the team, with the most treasured being our regular series of lunchtime talks. As a team, we innovate, explore & share our discoveries at ‘lunch and learns’ on Thursday afternoons. So far, we’ve covered everything from TDD to Aristotle, from Effective Altriusm to the Philosophy & Physics of Time.

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