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Verifying real identity in a remote world

How do you verify a real person in a remote interaction? Onfido is the world leader in innovative, AI-led digital access technology. Your customers can prove their identities, wherever they are, with just an ID and their face. And you can grow your business, keeping fraud low and conversion high.

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Built to meet all your priorities

Transform how you see identity

Anchor your users to their real identity with just their ID and face. Then re-verify or authenticate them when needed with a selfie.

Start your customer relationship off right

All your customer needs to prove who they are is a smartphone and a photo ID. So we help you engage with them in entirely new ways, moving online with them.

And we process over 4,600 document types, globally. Wherever your customers are, we’ve got you covered.

Keep fraudsters out

Our hybrid approach to fraud brings together artificial intelligence and human experts. For you, this means fast and accurate check results.

We check every document, selfie and video for fraud. Each result is classified as either ‘clear’, ‘caution’ or ‘suspected’. So your fraud teams know exactly when to take action.

Exceed customer expectations

Preventing fraud is crucial. But you also need a user experience that converts.

We walk your customers through every stage of the process, with glare and blur detection during upload, plus form autofill. It can be done entirely in app, or across devices, to minimize drop-off.

Say goodbye to manual processes

Our focus on automation means no more manual checks or password resets. Instead, your teams can focus on the problems that really matter. 

Navigate KYC and AML with confidence

Comprehensive identity verification, plus the Onfido Dashboard, means you have clear insight and a full audit trail. So you can navigate KYC and AML regulatory requirements at scale.

Drive change with identity verification

See how Onfido’s identity verification has helped businesses like yours onboard more users, reduce fraud and free up resources for internal teams.


Our Solutions

Onfido uses 256-bit SSL encryption 100% of the time on every device.


Onfido has been certified by BSI to ISO 27001 under certificate number IS 660122.

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