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Why should you try a new provider?

Getting the business results you want isn’t always easy. But the way your identity provider returns check results can make a big difference.

Onfido gives you results that drive revenue. You could see more customers complete sign-up, fewer good users fail identity checks and less fraud on your platform. How?

Report: 3 places your identity provider should be delivering value

Your choice of identity partner is an important one. But how do you know if your identity partner is delivering?

In this report, find out if your identity partner is delivering value across 3 key areas: experience, automation and fraud prevention. Plus see what metrics you should use to measure your identity partner’s impact.

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Get actionable, faster, and more accurate results with Onfido.

 increase in adoption

increase in adoption

after Revolut switched to Onfido

of users approved in seconds

of users approved in seconds

the rest in under 5 minutes when bunq started using Onfido

lower fraud rate

lower fraud rate

after 2nd Address switched to Onfido

The Onfido Experience in 3 Minutes

Drive revenue and customer engagement with Onfido. See the experience for both your customers and your internal teams in this three minute demo.

Actionable results

Onfido helps you pinpoint problems and automate decisions. That’s because our results are more actionable than other providers’.

What if you could automate up to 100% of your manual decisions? Or make sure you’re not turning away good users?

Onfido lets you do just that, thanks to granular breakdowns that pinpoint exactly why a user’s been flagged.

Our results are fast

New customers have high expectations—you don’t want turnaround times killing your conversions.

Onfido’s hybrid approach - mixing AI and human experts - means faster results, and lower risk of service cuts.

And customers who move to Onfido see an improvement in speed: Revolut’s turnaround times became 38 seconds faster after switching to us.

Consistently accurate results

Onfido consistently delivers accurate results, so you don’t lose valuable revenue to fraud. 

We partner with industry experts like Interpol to advance knowledge in the field of identity fraud. 

We’re committed to asking the difficult questions, so we can improve the ways we catch and prevent fraud for our clients.

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