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Learn how you can build a seamless and secure customer experience with digital identity verification

Date: Wednesday 23rd November Time: 13:00 SGT

The world has just experienced 5 years of digital transformation compressed into 12 months - which has brought new challenges and opportunities for all industries. Companies have had to pivot to provide a fully digital onboarding and verification experience.

This rapid transformation comes at a time when fraud is increasing; as opportunistic fraudsters seek to exploit fledgling digital practices, and customer expectations are at an all-time high. Users expect to sign-up quickly and manage their accounts entirely from the comfort of their smartphones.

In this session, we examine these challenges and explore how digital identity can enable companies to meet those challenges by linking users to their real identities in a secure, scalable and compliant way. We will walk through some case studies and answer questions on how Onfido's technology can help you make that transition seamless.

In this webinar

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The role of digital identity

Learn how digital identity plays into a fully digital onboarding strategy, helping businesses to meet their challenges.

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Link users to their real identity

Hear how anchoring users' digital profiles to their real identity can help businesses scale securely, while remaining compliant.

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Case study insights

Get insights into how Onfido's technology is helping businesses like yours achieve their goals.

Presented by

Charles Day

Charles Day, Senior Account Executive

An identity expert with a key focus on applications for banking and financial services, blockchain and transportation.


Nicholas Lim, Senior Account Executive

A specialist in helping organisations create a seamless identity verification process that drives actual impact towards delivering first class customer experiences.


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