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Verify real identity at onboarding directly in Salesforce

Onfido helps companies see real identity – the humans behind the screens – using industry-leading AI and identity experts. Customers can prove their identities, at onboarding and beyond, with an ID and their face. So you can grow your business securely.

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Identity verification embedded in Salesforce

Onfido seamlessly integrates into Salesforce. Trigger checks and see results directly in the platform. Leverage Salesforce’s Digital Process Automation to automatically apply intelligent, rules-based logic to identity verification results.


Stop fraud at the door

Our document and biometric solution means you can have confidence in an applicant’s real identity at onboarding. They can then authenticate as needed with a selfie at high-risk moments.

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Customer experience that converts

Onfido’s digital capture experience supports your customers on any device, and walks them through every stage of the process. Intelligent features like glare and blur detection mean more conversions at onboarding.

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Onfido uses 256-bit SSL encryption 100% of the time on every device.


Onfido has been certified by BSI to ISO 27001 under certificate number IS 660122.

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