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Reduce the cost of customer acquisition with identity verification

Increase customer acquisition, not your costs, with Onfido’s Real Identity Platform. Forrester Consulting quantified the real business benefits of Onfido in their Total Economic Impact™ Report, and found that we deliver an overall ROI of 261%.

Download the report to calculate the ROI you could achieve.

According to Forrester, Onfido delivers

Stat 1 (2)

increase in customer conversion

Stat 2 (2)

increase in fraudulent accounts detected

Stat 3 (2)

decrease in time spent onboarding

How can we help reduce costs?

Automate more decisioning

Automate more decisioning

Remove the need for manual verifications with an automated solution that reduces the cost of customer acquisition. Allow internal teams to better service customers with increased operational efficiency through AI-led automation.

Convert more customers at scale

Convert more customers at scale

Improve turnaround times of identity checks to maximize conversion and minimize drop-off. Forget complex, manual onboarding processes with an automated approach that prevents friction at user onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Find the right partner, not many partners

Find one partner, not many partners

Ditch inconsistent onboarding processes and opt for an easy-to-integrate, end-to-end identity solution. We cover 2,300+ identity documents and offer a suite of trusted data sources so you can compliantly onboard customers across the globe.

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Remitly, Inc.

At TBI Bank we’re building a business that grows with and around our customers. Onfido is an enabler of this experience, allowing us to increase our Sales while remaining secure and compliant. With Onfido, TBI Bank saw a 66% reduction in cost to acquire a new customer with a more efficient identity verification process.

Armen Matevosyan

Chief Commercial Officer, TBI Bank

With Onfido, 70% of customer verifications are now automated end to end requiring fewer manual interventions. This has allowed BUX to deliver on our value proposition — a simple, low-cost way to enter the world of investing.

Aditya Pasumarty

Chief Product Officer, BUX

Onfido consistently delivers higher pass rates than any other provider—and they’re able to do this without compromising on speed or security. This has helped significantly reduce the cost of manual review as we onboard more new, global users to our platform.

Nate Spanier

VP Global Payments and Expansion, Remitly

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  • Technology built to deliver results

    Technology built to deliver results (1)

    Automated verification and decisioning

    Define custom logic to automate decisioning and eliminate the need for manual review. Our fully-automated identity verification solution means 95% of checks are completed in under 10 seconds.

    No code, drag-and-drop workflows

    Tailor and optimize verification flows that respond to changing market conditions, such as new geographies, risk tolerance, KYC and AML regulations. No-code workflows allow you to simply drag and drop verifications and signals into your customer journey.

    Tailored capture experience

    Create a world-class onboarding experience that's optimized for user experience and fraud prevention. Onfido Smart Capture is a flexible, easy-to-integrate SDK that offers 90% first-time pass rates.

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