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We've partnered with Microsoft: Verify once, use everywhere

Start issuing and accepting verifiable credentials in minutes. With Azure AD verifiable credentials and Onfido you can verify a person's identity while respecting privacy. Digitally validate information on a person's ID or their biometrics.

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Announcement at Microsoft Ignite

Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials is in public preview effective April 2021, and Microsoft is also announcing partnerships with several identify verification providers including Onfido. Verifiable credentials capability in Azure AD enables organizations to issue digital claims about identity attributes based on open standards. Individuals can manage credentials in the Microsoft Authenticator app, and developers will be able to request and verify credentials via an application SDK.   

The future of identity is bright

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What is identity verification with Azure AD & Onfido? It is an open standards approach to verifying information about a business or a user while protecting privacy. ​Once verified, these credentials can be used to prove an identity across different organizations to accelerate onboarding of users, secure access to apps or enable a more trustworthy credential recovery experience.

Source: Microsoft.com

Verifiable credentials let organizations confirm information about someone—like their education and professional certifications—without collecting and storing their personal data. This will revolutionize the way we grant permissions to access our information. Because the digital information is verified by a known party, it’s more trustworthy, and verification will only take minutes instead of days or weeks.

Workforce identity scenarios we can address

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Faster remote onboarding

Azure AD verifiable credentials and Onfido solution gives users self-service enrollment and faster onboarding with ID verification services.

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Self-service enrollment and account recovery

Replaces usernames, passwords and security questions with a simpler, more secure process to verify your own identity.


Secure access to apps

Users can store and present a verified credential when attempting to access resources that require identity verification based on company policy.

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