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Introducing Onfido Face Authenticate

Onfido Face Authenticate, powered by FaceTec, is one of several new additions to the Onfido Real Identity Platform. Know, trust, and recognize the real identity of customers at any point in their digital journey.

Real identity, anywhere, anytime

The new product suite, including Onfido Face Authenticate, powered by FaceTec, and Onfido Private Key Encryption, provides businesses with the high levels of assurance they need to prove their customers are who they say they are, in a remote setting, without compromising user experience or privacy.

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Enabling trust beyond day one

Onfido Face Authenticate is a biometric authenticator addition to the Onfido Real Identity platform. It works hand-in-hand with Onfido’s Verify products, allowing the trusted relationship with online customers to continue beyond onboarding.  

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After businesses digitally verify their customer’s face against their government-issued ID using Onfido’s ID Check and Face Check products, Onfido Face Authenticate works to instill trust that the person accessing the account at a later date is the same verified person that enrolled on day one.


With a three-second video selfie, Onfido recreates the 3D shape of the user’s face and matches it to the biometric data provided when their real identity was established at registration, enabling repeat access to services, whether it’s to update personal account information, initiate high-value transactions, or access new products and services.  

How Onfido Face Authenticate can help businesses

Onfido Face Authenticate helps businesses do more with trusted customer identities, driving customer loyalty, internal efficiency, and business growth by giving customers a safe and frictionless way to interact. So businesses can:

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Increase trust and security

Using a solution with leading anti-spoofing capabilities.  Onfido Face Authenticate is also iBeta PAD Levels 1 and 2 compliant, giving added confidence in customers gaining repeat access to your products.

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Unlock lost revenue opportunities

Smoothing the path for customers to access more products, and recovering costs lost to manual unsafe processes.

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Deliver a superior UX

Enable customers to self-serve for access and account recovery, removing the friction of one-time passwords and knowledge-based authentication in favor of something unique to customers: their face.

Onfido Private Key Encryption

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Onfido’s Private Key Encryption provides an added layer of security for customers’ personal data on top of existing global disk-level encryption. It provides a dedicated and unique Customer Master Key that uses the AES-256 standard, one of the most secure encryption protocols.

Customers can also control Onfido’s ability to decrypt the data stored on the database by using the Customer Master Key - if the key or the access to the key is revoked, Onfido can no longer decrypt the secured data residing inside Onfido’s databases.

Enterprise Features

Onfido’s industry-leading dashboard is now even more secure and accessible for customers - giving businesses control over configuration, administration, and analytics. Customers can securely log in and access their dashboard, permissioning features, and auditability capabilities - so that you can trust that employees have the right data permissions and access. These items provide robust control and expand on our security platform layer.

Customer Aquisition

Trusted employees

With needs-based permissions & flexible access and control


Visibility & auditability

Know that you can pull the data you need when you need it


Enterprise-grade encryption & security

Secure encryption you can trust (AWS AES 256, SOC II Level 2, ISO 27001)

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About the Onfido Real Identity Platform

The Onfido Real Identity Platform helps businesses to Verify, Validate, and Authenticate their customers’ real identities through digital channels, and to keep those customers coming back seamlessly and securely. All their customers need is an ID and their face.

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