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Why choose Onfido vs. Jumio?

Onfido’s Real Identity Platform is an end-to-end identity verification solution built on a comprehensive library of global verifications and signals, intuitive orchestration and proprietary AI. It enables over 800 businesses to build verification workflows that meet their unique requirements – no code required.

3 reasons to choose Onfido over Jumio

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1. Drag-and-drop orchestration

Create tailored workflows in Onfido Studio to navigate regulatory requirements, detect fraud, and maximize onboarding conversion.

Onfido Verification Suite Simple

2. Fast, fair and accurate analysis

Atlas AI powers Onfido. Built by a team over 10 years, it’s how we stay ahead of evolving fraud and effectively safeguard against facial biometric bias, improving false acceptance rates by 10x to 0.01%.

Biometric Verification using AI

3. World-class capture experience

Maximize conversion at verification with Smart Capture – featuring intelligent real-time feedback.

We help 800+ businesses see real identity

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38 seconds faster results delivery compared to previous provider

70% of customer verifications automated end-to-end requiring fewer manual interventions

95% automation rate for verifying customers for increased operational efficiency at scale

~90% success rate of Document Verification providing a better UX for customers, and securely keeping out fraudsters

90% improvement in end-to-end automation for a more seamless ‘straight-through processing’ experience for customers

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  • Platform 618x618px

    Comprehensive orchestration. No code required

    Reduce costs, maximize conversion, and expand into new markets by creating tailored onboarding workflows in Onfido Studio.

    Compared to less-complete solutions, Onfido Studio’s simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to deploy the right verification methods and fraud signals to stay compliant, and verify customers using the right methods at the right time.

    Onfido Studio
    Onfido Verification Suite Simple

    Performance powered by proprietary Atlas™ AI

    Atlas powers our analysis. Built in-house over 10 years by over 100 engineers and researchers, it’s how we make our analysis fair, fast and accurate.

    Traditional approaches to identity verification AI struggle to detect emerging types of fraud. Atlas’ micro-model architecture means we can react fast to new attacks and provide accurate analysis at scale. It’s how we’ve improved our false acceptance rate by 10x and deliver 95% of checks in under 10 seconds.

    Atlas is also built with anti-bias technology and trained using balanced datasets that reflect real-world variations in race and ethnicity.

    Biometric Verification using AI

    World-class experiences with Smart Capture SDKs

    We’ve designed our Smart Capture SDKs to meet the needs of over 900 experience-obsessed businesses. Ready to integrate on iOS, Android and web, they’re built to maximize first time pass rate with features like intelligent glare and blur detection to help users submit high-quality captures.

    Onfido is a global leader


    Fully-automated performance

    The Real Identity Platform improves fully-automated performance by 12x year-over-year.

    Checks completed in seconds

    Checks completed in seconds

    Atlas™ AI automates identity verification to deliver 95% of checks in less than 10 seconds.

    Lower false acceptance rate

    Lower false acceptance rate

    Atlas AI effectively safeguards against bias, improving false acceptance rates (FAR) by 10x.

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