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What's new at Onfido?

Discover our latest product innovations, including Onfido Motion – our next-generation biometric verification that’s simple for users, near impossible for fraudsters.

Introducing Onfido Motion


Security you can rely on

The fraud landscape never stays still – we’ve seen a 41% increase of fraud since 2020. Motion is engineered to stop sophisticated display attacks, and 2D and 3D masks.

Seamless user experience

All customers have to do is turn their head – no complex actions or speaking out loud. AI-powered automation completes 95% of analysis in seconds, so they’re not left waiting.

Embedded bias mitigation

We completely re-trained our machine learning models to make Motion our fairest ever biometric solution.

Motion explained in 2 minutes
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Using Onfido Motion, it’s very clear to our customers what is being asked of them when being verified. It enables them to set up an account in seconds and be on their way on one of our mopeds, while enabling us to keep operating costs low and run efficiently as an agile and high-growth business.

Rick van’t Hof

Product Owner

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Where to learn more about Motion?

Building without bias white paper

Building Motion to mitigate algorithmic bias

We’ve built Motion from the ground up with bias mitigation in mind. Read our whitepaper to learn about the importance of bias mitigation in biometric products, what stages are involved, and how Motion performs for different groups.

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