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Digital identity. Made human.

Digital identity often feels like it doesn’t put people first. It feels like it’s built to work for computers. Built to test our memories and our patience. But not built to make our lives easier.

Onfido is here to change that. We make it easy for people to prove their real identity, using things that are uniquely theirs - their ID and their face. And to do so on their terms, from the comfort of their smartphone.


Digital identity. Made simple.

We believe digital identity should be simple. Because behind every check is a real person, trying to get something done. Whether that’s renting a car for their first big adventure, or opening a bank account in a new country. They might be trying to invest in their future, or land a dream job. Although digital identity can seem abstract, it’s about granting access.

We surveyed 4,000 people to understand more about real attitudes to digital identity. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

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Digital identity. Made secure.

We believe digital identity should protect your business and customers. We’ve seen document fraud increase 41% and attack patterns shift to be 24/7. We’re always analysing the latest trends and data, so we can help you protect your business and your customers.

If you’d like to learn more about the latest trends, read our annual Fraud Report.


Digital identity. Made inclusive.

Digital identity has to work for everyone. That’s why we’re working to measure and eliminate AI bias, and design our products to work for the 1 in 10 people living with a disability.

If you’d like to learn more we published a whitepaper reflecting on one of our accessibility projects.

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What does Onfido do?

From our inclusive user experience to our dashboard with actionable insights, we keep you and your customers at the center of what we do. Our solution will help you scale and grow revenue quickly and confidently.

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