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Drive Growth with Digital Banking Experiences

Retail banks face growing competition from innovators who deliver a superior digital experience. 

To stay ahead of customer expectations you have to digitize every interaction.

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    Bunq + Onfido

    See how challenger bank Bunq is working with Onfido to create phenomenal digital banking experiences to grow.

The Digital Banking Growth Engine

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Digital Banks Face a Growing Trust Gap

Your customers’ financial security – and your reputation – are at stake with every interaction. Digital transformation needs to deliver on trust, to avoid losing customers with negative experiences and your own significant costs from fraud.

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Deliver Trusted Experiences, at a Lower Cost, with Onfido

Onfido lets you run an easy two-step verification for high-risk experiences like account opening, new product sign-up, high-value transfers and withdrawals, and account recovery. 

Instead of annoying customers with long wait times at your call center, let them work the way they want -- and significantly reduce your costs to serve them.

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How It Works

Customers take a photo of their ID, then take a selfie with their phone. Onfido checks that the ID is valid, and makes sure the selfie and the ID match.

With greater trust at the start of the customer lifecycle, you can deliver more of your great experiences, more quickly, digitally, and at scale, and lower your operational and financial costs from fraud.

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Onfido Powers Challenger Banks

Revolut is a leading mobile-first bank with over 6 million customers. To continue taking market share from traditional banks, Revolut needed to deliver the best digital experience while meeting regulatory and risk requirements. Revolut deployed Onfido to:

• Increase customer onboarding rates by 12%

• Speed up customers’ onboarding experience by 38 seconds

• Increase identity check throughput capacity by 293%

• Open up markets in 168 countries, eliminating barriers to growth

Trusted by digital banking leaders around the world

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