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Onfido's Virtual Customer Advisory Board

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

2pm-5pm GMT

Join us for an opportunity to hear from leaders in the digital identity verification space, understand strategic challenges your peers are facing around identity verification and learn & feedback on Onfido’s product vision.

Onfido's Customer Advisory Board is a chance to:

minimise friction

Gain Insight into Onfido's Product Vision and Roadmap

Hear from Onfido's executive team including CEO Husayn Kassai on what the future of identity looks like and for you and your customers. Chief Product Officer Kevin Trilli and Chief Technology Officer Dan Teodosiu will share Onfido's product vision and roadmap. See firsthand how our leaders strategize and weigh business decisions.


Gather Industry Insights

Senior Forrester analysts will present a keynote on the value of identity to your business and developing industry and technology trends. Analysts will be available for questions and to share benchmarks and insights around digital identity verification. We will also hear from strategic partners of Onfido on how real identity has helped them address challenges like customer acquisition, onboarding, trust and fraud.

Customer Aquisition

Feedback and Roundtable Discussions with Peers

Get the chance to network and learn best practices from industry peers in breakout sessions facilitated by our subject matter experts and product managers. We will discuss the challenges around policy, fraud patterns, biometrics, user experience and authentication in intimate, interactive groups. Here's your chance to offer your feedback directly to our product management and influence Onfido's roadmap that could directly benefit your own company.


Our solutions

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