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Working in Applied AI

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Recognized as a world-class leader in artificial intelligence for identity verification, Onfido’s been listed as one of CB Insights’ top 100 most promising AI startups.

We help over 1,500 companies verify their users—from transportation and travel industries to marketplaces and financial services—and are working with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to develop a new innovative AI solution, Portable Identity, as part of their regulatory sandbox.

Sounds exciting? Might be time to join our team.

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Career Opportunities

At Onfido, you won’t be stuck in a lab. You’ll be working with real data, building solutions to combat fraud and developing new tools that will shape the future of identity.

Who we’re looking for

Whether you’ve just graduated or have years of experience, we look forward to hearing from you.

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AI internship and University collaborations

AI internship and University collaborations

Looking for an internship? Onfido’s the place to start.

You’ll have the chance to work alongside our expert team on real life cases—understanding how AI is the key to fight fraud, build a smooth user journey and develop reliable biometrics checks. 

You’ll also receive feedback on your final project. So you’ll have the tools you need to successfully take on the job market.

Who can apply

Anyone with experience working on Computer Vision projects

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Scholars partnership

Scholar partnerships

Joining Onfido is the perfect opportunity to apply all you’ve learnt during your research.

Working alongside our expert team, you’ll have the opportunity to develop our AI algorithms. By studying the data, you’ll help build research systems, overcome machine learning challenges and design methods to improve our platform.

You’ll also get regular one-on-one feedback sessions from one of our senior experts—so you’ll keep on learning.

Who can apply

Faculty members, post-PhD and post-doctoral students

Faculty scholarships and partnerships

Faculty scholarships and partnerships

With Onfido, you’ll have the unique opportunity to apply your research methods to real life issues. From overcoming algorithm bias to improving our machine learning systems, you’ll use your AI expertise to impact our platform and transform our business.

You’ll also get first-hand knowledge of new industry challenges and shifting career requirements. So, you can make sure your students are ready for the job market.

Who can apply

Post-doctoral lecturers and AI academic experts

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Our solutions

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Onfido has been certified by BSI to ISO 27001 under certificate number IS 660122.

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