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2021 KuppingerCole Market Compass for Providers of Verified Identity

Get an overview of the market and vendors in this KuppingerCole Market Compass for Providers of Verified Identity.

If you’re considering an identity verification solution, this KuppingerCole report covers the essential capabilities required of solutions and rates each provider based on a set of criteria.

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Onfido collects biometric and liveness data with close attention to the trustworthiness of that data. Dedicated efforts with the UK’s ICO have worked to identify and reduce algorithmic racial bias.

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in the KuppingerCole Market Compass for Providers of Verified Identity

Onfido’s overview

KuppingerCole awarded Onfido ‘Notable Vendor’ distinction for’ Outstanding in Biometric Data Analysis’.

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In overall ratings, Onfido scored strong positive for product Security, Usability and Deployment, and positive for Interoperability and Market Standing.

Onfido’s strengths include:

  • Certified ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II compliant

  • Accessibility SDKs and considerations for users with disabilities

  • Strong go-to-market model using a partner ecosystem to introduce them to a specified geography or market

  • Worked with the ICO in its Regulatory Sandbox on compliant handling of training data 

You’ll find Onfido’s full rating, strengths and challenges on page 60 of the report.

The role of identity verification

Providers of Verified Identity enable businesses to have higher security, trust, and privacy beyond what traditional identity interactions offer. The main applications of this solution in the market are:


New customer onboarding

New users complete a digital onboarding process using a previously created and trusted identity (such as a government-issued ID and biometric information) to create a verified, reusable identity.

doc verification

Verification uplift for KYC/AML processes

Using document scans, connection with biometric information, and/or video identification, businesses can fulfill KYC and/or AML requirements remotely.

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New employee or B2B partner onboarding

Targeting IAM, a new employee or partner presents evidence of their identity to receive remotely provisioned and issued access rights.

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Verified identity as an authentication factor

When authenticating, the user presents the biometric data as a second factor, which is linked to the existence of a verified identity document.


Share identity attributes or credentials with relying parties

When connected to a verified identity and formatted in a standardized manner, businesses can share these identity attributes or credentials with other parties.


Our solutions

Onfido uses 256-bit SSL encryption 100% of the time on every device.


Onfido has been certified by BSI to ISO 27001 under certificate number IS 660122.

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