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Customers expect convenience, and this extends to their financial services. With this objective, Onfido has designed a KYC & AML solution for the digital lifestyle: eliminate dropout, on-board more customers, and reduce fraud.

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Onboard more customers


Onfido’s solution is designed for onboarding thin credit file customers, allowing clients to achieve an average uplift of 15%.

Verify anyone, on any device

Our device-agnostic document checking solution is powered by machine-learning technology to help you detect fraudsters, wherever they are.

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Access the world through one API

Seamlessly integrate with a single API to run checks in 132 countries and at whatever scale your business needs.

Identity Check

International identity validation check, which searches for records that link the full name with the given address and date of birth.

Global PEPs and Sanctions Check

Cross-references full name against international PEPs and Sanctions list and returns full details of returned records.

Global Document Check

Verifies that the document provided is genuine and cross-references the information on the document with the validated identity.

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Client reviews

Hear what our KYC & AML clients have to say

Jonathan Waddingham

Product Manager, JustGiving

Security is a priority for us. We are committed to having the best KYC & AML procedures available to prevent fraudulent activity and that’s exactly what Onfido provides us with. We evaluated many different suppliers and ran head-to-head testing using sample data. Onfido came out on top so going with them was a no-brainer.

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James Nurse

Fraud Analyst, Pockit

Pockit's mission for financial inclusion put us in the market for a reliable and trustworthy KYC provider. With an easy integration, Onfido have allowed Pockit to grow safe in the knowledge we are meeting regulatory requirements which is so vital in the banking space.

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