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Discover our quarterly product innovations, insights, and news.  Most recently we introduced a new suite of smart, multi-layered fraud solutions to combat repeat fraud at onboarding.

December 2022

Multi-layer fraud detection

Combat large-scale fraud attacks with a multi-layer approach to verification. Available as part of the Onfido Real Identity Platform, Repeat Attempts flags when users submit a previously seen identity document — even if it’s been altered to contain different data. Known Faces uses face match technology to alert for repeated faces from a selfie or video biometric verification. Device Intelligence recognizes risky IP addresses, bots, device integrity and geolocation. Together, these solutions add extra layers of fraud protection with zero additional user friction. 

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September 2022

Motion biometric verification

Onfido motion is our next-generation biometric verification solution that stops sophisticated fraud with a head turn. It’s iBeta PAD Level 2 compliant, and 95% of results are returned in seconds.

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May 2022

The Real Identity Platform

Our end-to-end identity verification platform puts a library of award-winning document and biometric verifications, trusted data sources, and fraud detection signals at business’s fingertips. Coupled with intuitive orchestration in Onfido Studio, and automation powered by Atlas™ AI — it’s our next step to making digital identity simple for everyone.

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