The database check validates the details presented on an identity document against the issuing agency to ensure that an individual's’ identity details are accurate

Identity Record Check

All we need is a name, address and date of birth

Identity Record Check

The extracted information is validated against the issuers databases

Identity Record Check

Sit back, watch the results and onboard with confidence

Onboard with Confidence

Onfido checks an individual's’ furnished identity details against the source and issuing bodies to allow customer to onboard with complete confidence and eliminate the risk of fraudulent applicants

Our Document Check ensures that your users’ identity documents haven’t been forged, digitally tampered with, lost or stolen.

Document Check

Your user sends us a photo of their identity document

Document Check

Our machine learning technology analyses it

Document Check

You get the results

Onboard at scale

By complementing automation with manual uplift, we free up your team to focus on what they’re good at. This hybrid approach minimises the size of your onboarding team and maximises your customer conversion.

Our Facial Check reduces the risk of impersonation fraud. By comparing the photo on a user’s identity document with a selfie, we make sure your users really are who they claim to be.

Facial Check

Your user sends us a photo of their document and a selfie

Facial Check

Our machine learning technology matches the faces

Facial Check

You get the results

Prevent identity fraud

Our Facial Check uses advanced computer vision techniques to deliver robust and reliable fraud detection. Our market-leading liveness feature eliminates the risk of spoofing, keeping identity fraudsters out.

Identity verification

Delightful identity verification

The days of scanning and emailing passports are gone. Our meticulously designed verification flow fits neatly into your user journey and takes less than 60 seconds.

Just plug and play

Our SDKs provide a quick and easy way to integrate.
Our user-friendly flow is designed to reduce drop-off so you can scale.

SDK quick and easy way to integrate

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