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Digital identity. Made human.

We digitally prove people’s real identities using a photo ID and facial biometrics. So your users can verify themselves anywhere, anytime.

Helping you and your customers

Twice the power to catch identity fraud - Onfido
Twice the power to catch identity fraud

We integrate Artificial Intelligence and human experts in a hybrid approach, catching more fraud combined than either method alone.

Unlock the full potential of your user experience - Onfido
Unlock the full potential of your user experience

Trust your users from day one. Anchor them to a real identity to improve your digital experience.

Cloud-based, Cost-effective - Onfido
Recognised industry experts

Whether you are worried about policy changes, design workflows, entering a new market, or the future of portable identity, we have an expert to help you.

Global or local, we’re the
trusted experts

We help thousands of companies across the world trust their users’ real identities. From financial services, online healthcare and trust marketplaces, to self-check-ins at airports, hotels and car rentals.

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