Biometric Customer Authentication

Biometric Customer Authentication

Start your customer journey with strong identity verification

Start your customer journey with strong identity verification, and enhance it with reusable biometric authentication.

Knowing your customers at every stage of their journey is important for any digital business, and it’s essential when it comes to customer authentication: re-confirming that a user is who they say they are when accessing your product or service at additional points after their initial registration.

But today, the temptation can be to get customers through the door using weak identity verification, and later patch this up with more vulnerable authentication processes such as usernames, passwords, knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and two-factor authentication (2FA). This exposes your business to fraud, and kills conversion.

And research shows that 38% of businesses see biometric authentication as a competitive advantage.

World-leading identity verification

World-leading identity verification. Seamless customer authentication. Powered by face.

Strongly verify your customers at the start of their journey with Onfido’s Document and Biometric Verification. Then authenticate again and again whenever is necessary by comparing the live customer with their previously verified face. Simple.

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