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Face Authenticate

High assurance authentication delivered via strong biometric verification, leveraging something your customers can’t lose – their face. The process is as easy as looking in the mirror, enabling customers to authenticate in seconds and prove they are the originator and rightful account owner.

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Automate account recovery and remote access

Face Authenticate takes the burden away from operations teams by automating the authentication process. Whether it’s for account recovery, high-risk action approval, or to enable access in the real world, Face Authenticate offers secure self-service to customers.

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Enhance your user experience

No more need for the friction associated with recovery keys. No waiting for one-time passwords. No waiting for a help desk response. Customers simply frame their face for a few seconds using their mobile device camera, and a 3D facemap is created. Within seconds, we match the 3D facemap to the facial biometric initially captured at onboarding, and confirm if the customer is legitimate.


Simple integration for developers

To start using Face Authenticate, first create a repository of verified and trusted faces of your customers via the Onfido Trusted Faces API endpoint. Next, integrate the iOS, Android, or Web SDK to support the Face Authenticate face scan process.

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How it works

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We verify a customer’s identity with document and biometric checks at onboarding. We assess if a photo ID is genuine, and that it’s being presented by its rightful owner. Face Authenticate extends the value of the onboarding experience by leveraging the image captured during onboarding for future authentication requirements, ensuring confidence for businesses and their customer.



When authentication is triggered, the customer is requested to complete a face scan via their mobile device camera. This generates a 3D facemap, which enables more accurate face matching and spoofing detection than a 2D image.

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Using a fully automated process, the 3D facemap is compared against the customer’s stored facial biometric data, resulting in a response in a few seconds, without compromising security or the user experience.

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When you use Onfido to authenticate your users, Onfido will compare the user’s face features captured during authentication with the face features captured previously.   To do this we extract a numerical biometric identifier from the video frames captured during the authentication attempt and compare it to the numerical biometric identifier we maintain for that user.  If the new biometric identifier matches with the stored biometric identifier, the authentication is confirmed.  Facial biometric identifiers used for this purpose are a special category of personal data.  Always make sure you inform your users about the collection and retention of their facial biometric identifiers and obtain the user’s consent if required. Some jurisdictions always require user consent to process biometric data. For more information on how Onfido uses personal data, view our Privacy Policy.


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Onfido uses 256-bit SSL encryption 100% of the time on every device.


Onfido has been certified by BSI to ISO 27001 under certificate number IS 660122.

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