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Jeux en ligne : solution de vérification d'identité

Meet local and global KYC and age verification requirements, and prevent bonus abuse. Keep genuine customers playing without compromising on compliance with Onfido.

The gaming operator's guide to identity verification

What should you look for in an identity partner?

Read the gaming operator’s guide to learn how identity verification can help you:

  • Navigate KYC and age verification requirements

  • Maximize conversions with a superior UX

  • Protect revenue from bonus abusers and duplicate accounts

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US Gaming Regulations

Navigate regulatory requirements

Meet local and global compliance needs with the Onfido Real Identity Platform – an end-to-end solution for identity verification.

KYC and AML compliance

Meet KYC and AML requirements without compromising the user’s experience. Verify customer identities with trusted database, document, and biometric verification..

Age verification

Verify that players are of legal age to sign up with age verification. Onfido’s smart document verification checks players’ ages via a database or document check.

Global coverage

We support over 2,300 document types. Plus our verification suite offers a range of checks, so you have everything you need to expand into new markets without compliance blockers.

Smart Capture

Grow your business at scale

Get more customers through the door while reducing the cost of user acquisition, with automation that makes user onboarding easy.

Maximise customer conversions

Create tailored verification flows with our no-code orchestration layer, Onfido Studio. Minimize drop-off by creating the right flow for every customer, from ID Checks to higher-assurance document checks.

Scale fast when it matters

Don’t let onboarding spikes become a bottleneck. When it matters – during the Super Bowl, the World Cup, or other high-profile events – keep verifications on track with AI-powered automation.

Make onboarding a breeze

Free up time for internal teams and reduce blockers for players. Build powerful workflows to trigger different verifications depending on an individual’s risk profile, and automate the process end-to-end.

Gaming Fraud

Protect your bottom line from fraud

Catch more bonus abusers and duplicate account registrations at scale with Onfido’s fraud detection.

Stop fraud without friction

Stop fraud without adding friction to genuine customers’ experiences using passive fraud signals like device integrity and IP and geolocation.

Protect your business

Stop more fraud to reduce costs, protect valuable systems, and safeguard your customers. Choose your ideal blend of signals from Onfido’s Verification Suite to establish trust in your users.

Get instant analysis

Make decisions on who can access services, fast. Automate decisioning with instant analysis powered by Atlas™ AI.

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Avec Onfido, le processus est plus simple et plus intuitif pour nos joueurs. Nous avons constaté une hausse des inscriptions de 30 % et une augmentation de 15 % chez les profils que nous ne parvenions pas à cibler avant.

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Co-fondateur, Small Screens Casinos

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