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We’re obsessed with making this the best job you’ve ever had. Culture is way we do that.

Onfido Values

Most companies describe their corporate values using words. Onfido isn’t like most companies. Five animals define the important behaviors that make us special—the lion, the penguin, the bee, the finch and the chimp.

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Succeed together

Achieve collective impact by being generous with your time, care and expertise. Look for opportunities to work collaboratively, drawing ideas and experience from across the company in order to make great decisions. Be biased towards collaboration.


Create customer buzz

Craft an experience that customers rave about. Our customers are at the heart of what we do. Understand the market. Analyze its trends. Customers want something better. Let's deliver it.


Find a better way

The assumption is: there’s always a better way. Whether you get there in baby steps or giant leaps, the only way to success is via constant experimentation. Fix what’s broken and make what works even better.


Learn things, share them

Be voracious. Read, go to conferences and meetups, be constantly in pursuit of new understanding. And, when you have it, plough it back into the community—whether Onfido or something bigger.


Take pride

Care intensely about company success. Together, we own Onfido—and we should own our contributions in the same way. We should be proud of every piece of code, every piece of content, every interaction with a client, applicant, candidate or investor.

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